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Our Process:

  • Collection of Motor.
  • Transportation and Offload the motor in Light House Facility.
  • Dismantling of Motors, Inspection of all Parts and Windings.
  • Motor connections dismantle and notify data
  • Motor stator, Winding coils cut and stripping
  • Cleaning of slots lamination
  • Sandblast stator and cover – if required
  • Stator core hotspot test – if required
  • Rewinding of stator as per original data.
  • Stator Demoisturise, Varnish twice – Class “H”
  • Curing in oven at 135 C for 10 Hours.
  • Rotor, DE and NDE cover clean and varnish internally Anti-tracking
  • Fit new bearing – European make – SKF, FAG, SNR
  • Reassemble the motor, static test, megger and IR test.
  • No Load Run Test – 4 hours and Report
  • Vibration test – If required
  • Paint and Final Inspection
  • Packing and Delivery
Optional (If Required):
  • Rotor dynamic balancing, Grade ISO G1 with test report
  • DE and NDE Cover Re-Sleeve
Additional Job (If Required):
  • Cooling Fan
  • Fan Bowl.
  • Connection terminate plate
  • Connection box
  • Rotor Shaft DE na d NDE Bearing journal repair
  • Submersible pump overhauling
  • Pumps mechanical seal, Oil Seal, O’ Rings and Cooling Oil
  • Transformers Rewinding and Repair.